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Have you decide to relocate from your present address?

Time to book a Professional Pool Table Movers


  • Let us do the Work for you

20 Years Experience



All Brands and Models 

Take the Hassle out of Moving a Pool Table!

  • Call us Today for a free Estimate
  • Licensed and Insured


 We will Take care of all the related aspects of the move, and your Pool Table will reach its new location in a save and stress free manner 

The Billiard Pros

 We Have the knowledge, Experience and equipment to complete the job

Without damaging the Pool Table, House or   People

Give us a Call Today!

      951) 833-8558

custom pool table rails

Moving your own Pool Table could cause a multitude of problems that we are happy to help you avoid. Including Cracking the Slatet,splitting the rails and popping the table joints 

Attempting to desassemble a Pool Table can damage the table if not done properly

Pool Table components are heavy and can cause injury if not handled safely

Let us do the Work for you!

Call us And We Take Care of Moving Your Pool Table 

In a Very Professional Way 

Call Now (951) 833-8558

The Billiard Pros

The Best Pool Tables Services in SoCal

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